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Archived News:

13 September '05

The first performance for SUWO this semester will be on Wednesday the 14th of September at SCA (the creative arts campus in Roselle), in 'The Auditorium'. The concert will start at 6pm and if you love your movie themes adapted for Wind Orchestra (like, who doesn't) then you ought to be there.

15 August '05
The next SUWO social event will be on this Friday and will likely entail some jazz and/or dancing. Social coordiantor Uzma has the details

WHEN Friday 19 Aug 2005
WHERE Soup Plus Restaurant 1 Margaret St Sydney, NSW, 2000 Corner of Clarence St, behind Wynyard Station
COST Show only Member: $5 Non-member: $15
Dinner and show package Member: $25 Non-member: $35
Dinner includes 2 courses - Entree & Main OR Main & Dessert The dinner and show package is a fantastic deal but the restaurant also has soup for $5.
The band playing is a quintet called Wild Rice.
And if you haven't noticed already, rehearsals have been shifted earlier to 5:30pm.

1 August '05
It's time to dust off your instruments as SUWO gets into the swing of things with the new semester. The most important news item is that due to complications with the music department, rehearsals have been moved to 6-9pm Thursdays (at the same location).

Conductor Narinder explained the details:

As many of you are already aware, there has been a timetabling clash with the Music Department (of which we were not made aware until this week), which leaves us unable to rehearse of a Tuesday evening for the remainder of the year. As a result, rehearsals will be moved to 6-9pm Thursdays (still in ODS). There will be a break halfway through rehearsal for tea/coffee and biscuits, and everyone is invited to gather at The Rose for dinner afterwards. Unfortunately this change will probably exclude many of our number, which might have been avoided with more notice. Please let me know whether or not you will be able to make the new rehearsal time.
There will be a General Meeting on Thursday, 4th August, 5:30pm , ODS to determine procedures for the running of both the ensemble and the society, and to determine events and related expenditure for the coming semester. An agenda will be forwarded shortly. All current and potential members are encouraged to attend and take part in the discussion and decision-making processes.

10 June '05
Within a period of one week, SUWO has delivered its first two performances of the year. Thanks go out to anyone who came to watch either the wind and symphony orchestra joint concert, or the Yamaha Band Festival. Thanks also to SUSO, to whom the joint concert could not have been possible without.

Our efforts at the Yamaha Band Festival were apparantly good enough to warrant a gold award and an invitation for a return performance. All those rehearsals must have finally paid off.

Also, the addition of newly filled trumpet and tenor saxophone parts shouldn't go unnoted. Go trumpet chords!

30 May '05
The president of SUWO, Andrew McLeod has resigned from the position and has left the society, citing irreconcilable differences within the executive. At least, thats the gist of it.

The society is extremely dissapointed at his departure and at the loss of not only a genuinely hardworking and dedicated president, but a very talented and enthusiastic tenor sax player.

On that note, if you know any tenor sax players, be sure to drug them and... I mean, invite them to join at rehearsal. That goes for presidents too. We seem to be running short of them as well.

28 April '05
A small, but possibly quite important news snippet. Among slight confusion and due to very positive member response, SUWO will be playing at the Yamaha Festival on Wednesday the 8th of June, at the Willoughby Town Hall in Chatswood at 9:20pm, along with all the other community bands out there.

And, if for some reason you haven't been to rehearsal lately, you might want to know that we have new pieces!!. So if Jubileus was boring the bejeezus outta you, then make sure you make it to all the next rehearsals to get up to speed with the pieces we'll be playing at the joint SUSO & SUWO concert being held on the 1st of June at the University of Sydney Great Hall at 7:30pm.

15 April '05
The ordinary meeting held after this week's rehearsal resulted in a vote of overwhelming majority in favour of letting the club spend the money to enter the Yamaha Band Festival: money which would amount to a whopping $3 per person :o. Hopefully SUWO will be able to get a favourable performance time on either the 31st of May or the 7th of June, so we can go ahead and separate the real bands from the... well, groups who are just mere collections of wind players. Another motion was also passed, permitting the exec to spend small amounts of money, without approval at an ordinary meeting.

In other news, we had more than one trumpet at last rehearsal. Huzzah!

11th April '05
Main news is the election of SUWO's 2005 executive committee, and the happening of the Annual General Meeting. The AGM, which took place in a crowded back room of the Seymour Centre (apparantly a lot happens in crowded back rooms of the Seymour Centre), showcased the unique chairing talents of Andrew V, to whom we give thanks. Other things also happened at the AGM, namely a lot of nominating, seconding, and voting, but not necessarily in that order. People were also, as you would have it, elected, and an executive changelog follows:

A few semi-important motions were passed among the fierce debate and forensic deliberation, most noteably the movement of the AGM to a period later in the year. Hopefully the minutes should be available here sometime between now and any arbitrary point in the future.

So we give our thanks to the 2004 executive and hope that the 2005 executive can build on the hard work (sweat, blood and tears no doubt) that has made SUWO the club it is!

8th March '05
O-Rehearsal: 47 musicians in the Old Darlington School - including a TUBA! Thanks Heather, we don't know how you finally got one (much less managed to bring it to rehearsal), but we're ever so grateful! And go the female sax players and trombone section! Our bottom end now sounds great.

Pre-Semester 1 2005