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Join us!

We meet each Thursday at 5:30 - 8:30 pm at the Old Darlington School (map ref P21). Please feel free to drop in with an instrument and play some music with us. We especially need tenor saxophone, and brass players. There are no auditions either! (We would love to have your company if you have a reasonable standard of musicainship). Our annual membership fee is $5 and our band fee is $10 this semester. These fees, which are very low compared to other community bands, go towards paying for a professional conductor, new sheet music, and entering competitions. Feel free to email our secretary and ask more questions.

If you're having trouble finding the Old Darlington School, follow these simple instructions.

Attention first-years!

Statistically, first year is a bit of a low-point in many student's social lives. You go to lectures, you study a bit, only talk to your high-school friends, sit your exams, and find that you've lost a whole year. Most people pick up on the fact that clubs are the best way to meet exciting new people who enjoy the same stuff in 2nd year, and then have a ball (they also finally realise that work, church, family, and all those other excuses for non-participation can be juggled). So if you played a wind instrument with reasonable ability at the end of high school, join SUWO - Sydney's friendliest musical club! We're not a professional orchestra filled with Diploma-standard musicians, just a group of students like yourself. Bring a muso friend or come by yourself, just make sure you don't become a statistic by putting it off, and end up waiting until next year!

The SUWO team.